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 What is the Okinawan orchis ? (1) 

Science name : Amitostigma lepidum
Japanese name : OKINAWA CHIDORI
(Grown by Shinichi Miyazaki / Taken from 'Monthly Magazine of Wild flowers and Alpine Plants' )

 Okinawan Orchis is small terrestrial orchid.
It is an endemic species of southern Japan. Northern limit of the
range is Kyusyu Island, and southern limit is Okinawa Island.
This orchid is does not extend toTaiwan.
This species grows on windy coastal natural lawn, sometimes roadside edges, or often rocky cliff in nutrient-poor reddish soil.
In many cases, shrub protect these orchids from strong tropical sunlight.

left: Coastal steep cliff with vegetation.
right:(Close up.)A small plant in a patch of grass.
(Higashi Village, Okinawa Island)

left: Many plants blooming at roadside.
right: Found among pine roots on a rough surface of soil.
(Nakijin Village, Okinawa Island)
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